Wendy and Hayden – the love bug

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Wendy and Hayden – the love bug

I say the love bug because it has two meanings really. There is the obvious meaning, and you can tell when you see this couple together how much they really mean to each other. There is an energy between them that is infectious and you can’t help but feel positive and happy when you are around them.

Then there is the not so obvious meaning, the VW. I was so wanting Wendy and Hayden to turn up in Hayden’s bug so I could take some cool photos but it wasn’t meant to be this time with some last minute repairs forcing another car to take it’s place. I know that one day before too long I will photograph that car and I look forward to sharing those photos with you as well, so stay tuned for that post.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of this gorgeous couple and I’m sure you too will feel the effects of the love bug.


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