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Pets Are Family Too…

We want to tell you a story about our daughter Georgie. When she was a young girl, she was totally petrified of animals, in particular, dogs. Every time she would see a dog nearby she would instantly freeze and scream with horror. It broke our heart to see Georgie like this, so we made the only decision we thought we could make. It was time to get our own dog, so we brought home Darcy a 10 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It took nearly two weeks for Georgie to pick up Darcy on her own but we got there. Fast forward six years and Georgie no longer has any issues with dogs or other animals and is often helping us out in the studio or on location with our clients fur babies. We couldn’t be happier…

Pets Gallery

Enjoy some of our favourite pet portraits


Our pets bring us so much unconditional love and genuine laughter into our lives, it is truly amazing how much closer our relationships become with each other as a result of this common bond.


We love nothing more than spending time connecting with your lovable pets either in our safe, comfortable, relaxed studio or at your fur babies favourite location, always creating beautiful works of art, memories that last a lifetime.


Our stunning wall art is available in a number of premium finishes, including canvas, aluminium and traditional or contemporary framed fine art prints. We will create something perfect for your home.