Light Dancers

 The world is full of interesting people and I was fortunate to come across these guys the other night. I didn’t head out that evening with the intention of capturing these images, in fact I went out to get a glimpse of the lunar eclipse. As luck would have it there was cloud cover preventing the lunar eclipse to be viewed in all it’s glory.

I also stopped and had a chat with a fellow photographer, and we got talking for a while discussing this and that and I probably stayed a little longed than had I not stopped. Anyway we both decided there would not be much on offer for the lunar viewing and started heading in when these guys started lighting up and dancing with light. I recently watched a webinar through Creative Live by Jeremy Cowart on experimental portraiture and I loved it and could not wait for the opportunity to try something a little different than my normal stuff., and this was the perfect occasion to experiment a little.

 So while my initial vision was not based around these guys, as soon as I saw them I had a clear vision of what it was I wanted to do with these images. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I had taking these flashes of light and shade.


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