2013 – The year of change

We hope everyone had a great time over the christmas new year period and stayed happy and safe. I love the new year, it’s like when you get married and you are on your honeymoon, it’s a new chapter in your life book.
2013 brings significant change to our lives, we make the welcome move from part time portrait and wedding photographers to full time after receiving my redundancy from my previous full time job.
It’s interesting what people have said, mentioning they were sorry to hear about the redundancy, we choose to look at it a little differently, and look at the positive it brings to our lives.
Fotoflair will see some exciting changes in 2013 and we look forward to being able to share those changes as we get into the year.

The new year also brings with it new life and new love. We lovingly welcome the arrival last week of our little niece Esther, such a cutie.

newborn photography

Enjoy the start to the new year everyone…live and love lots and most importantly be happy.


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