Time out!

As a mum school pick up is hectic any time of the week but I love how it reconnects Mum’s and Dad’s and allows us some mini seconds to be who we are. We may share a quick wave, receive a glance and smile or in my situation have a speedy kinda conversation – (with a short breath in between).
Luckily for me, this is how I met Shannon – Moving slowly through the pickup zone she yelled out
“Danette, love the photography, can we organise a family session?”
“Of course, I’ll catch you on the phone and organise a coffee”, I yelled back with my two in tow.
Most of our friends know if I say I’ll meet you for a coffee, then it’s a date! You picked it – coffee is definitely my weakness.
I soon found out the Murray family are busy people. All six of them.
Sipping on my coffee I couldn’t help but notice how organised and amazing this mum and dad are, they have 4 beautiful children who are ever so obliging – they even asked to help carry my gear.
Little Ella, the baby of the family was a delight and it is obvious how much she adores her sisters and Brother Luke.
Thank you ever so much for braving the wind that day guys, we are thrilled to have been asked to hang out with you and capture your families’ special moments.

Hope you enjoy.


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