The Moons!

Kelly and Tim waited patiently for the Moons to come together and they finally did.
Have you ever locked in a date for something and inevitably life changes direction and your appointments and schedules need reappointing and rescheduling??
Naturally, life is just like that and secretly I love that about life.
It reminds me that life is not about taking control of every aspect; it’s more about not letting today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.
Plans work well sometimes…….. Sometimes they don’t.
Kel, it took a while for our lives to align – they eventually did though, and on a beautiful afternoon around 5 ish.
It’s obvious Kelly and Tim love life and their children. All 5 of them.
Alex and Mitchell, we’ll catch you around Christmas time, December promises us sunshine….. no rain! We’ll see you when you revisit.
Playing life’s juggling act, we were able to meet with Kelly, Tim, Tristan, Bailey and Brydie at their favourite spot on the sunny coast, a special stretch of beach behind the ‘boat shed’ at Cotton Tree where Darren created a stunning line up of beautiful imagery –
Guys, it was fun getting to know you.
Enjoy reliving the memories.
the gorgeous twins & their striking eyes

Beautiful Kelly & Brydie
A little ‘rough & tumble’
Special moments with Dad.

Together at their favourite spot. 

See who’s the boss?

Snuggling at the waters edge.

The games’ on!

Who wins???


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