“So help me God” is what I thought and prayed the day we left for our camping trip to Noosa North Shore.

Many months ago while lapping up the sunshine at a park where our children played, Vicky, Richard, Darren and I made a pact to go camping together – we were excited about relaxing by the ocean watching the waves roll in and just letting the day pass by with no time schedule attached – so we booked the date.

Driving to the ferry I couldn’t help but feel nervous. The weather forecast was RAIN RAIN and more RAIN. YEERRKKS!! OK!!!!! I hear you saying, GET OVER IT, that’s life, but I really and truly didn’t fancy being stuck in a tent, trying to occupy our two energetic children with rounds of UNO or I SPY and knowing every 10 mins I would hear the echo “Mummy, I’m hungry”!

I remember loving camping as a child. We would camp for weeks and Mum tells of the days and nights it rained and how during the night, the tent would leak and wake her from her sleep. This was all unbeknown to me or my sisters and brother, as children it was fun, adventurous and our home away from home.

I look around the camping ground and wonder if the other mums are thinking the same. Tell me the truth, nothing but the truth, is it only ME or mum’s are you feeling the same pain?? Don’t get me wrong, the sunny camping trips are AWESOME, but the wet ones are NOT SO AWESOME!!

You will be glad to hear, I got over myself and lavished in the fun our children created in the rain….. and  to top it off I am stoked with some of the shots I took of my wonderful husband and our gorgeous family.

Bring on the SUN for our next camping adventure, PLEASE.

Lots of love.