Located at the Peregian Beach Community Centre on David Low Way, lies the humble workshop of Eckart Schillings, the artist in residence, goldsmith, gemsetter and tutor.

When I first met Eckart I knew instantly that he had soul, he has a fire in his belly for his art, he is actively pursuing his passion…it’s a win/win, his clients get something unique, something only Eckart can bring to a piece of jewellery. I also wanted to create something unique for Eckart when he and his beautiful wife Sylvia came to our studio for their portrait session. For Sylvia & Eckart it was more about the experience, so we brought in Jacinta from Coastal Style Mobile Hairdressing and Jacqueline Foster from Jacqueline Foster Makeup to glam it up with Sylvia for a styled session which we will be sharing with you shortly.

We can however show you Eckart’s new profile shot, which we just love, it really is something a little different than you will see from any other jewellers…that’s for sure.

Make sure you check out Eckart’s work Rings for Brides