New Game, First Game

Georgie decided this year she wanted to try Netball for the first time.

I remember as a kid playing a new sport for the first time. You feel a bit nervous, hoping you won’t embarrass yourself and that you’ll remember the rules. A thousand things are running through your mind, then the game starts and it’s as if all of what you were just thinking just flew out the window, you just get out there and have fun.

Playing sport as a kid is so much fun and I could tell yesterday Georgie had found her sport. She was so happy on the court and perhaps a bit of proud father syndrome here, but I think this is a sport where Georgie could do really well. She was exhausted by the end of the game but she had a super game in the rain.

As a father I could not be prouder of her efforts and attitude she displayed on court, she played in the spirit of the game with a smile on her face and that is all we can ask for as parents that our children have fun enjoying the company of their friends and staying healthy.


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