When I reflect back on my life so far I think I can say that I have worked hard and I have been a good person. Then I take a look at the people around me and realise that I’ve had it pretty easy really. At times life deals some pretty interesting challenges and we deal with them, and how we deal with these challenges defines who we are. On Friday we had a family portrait session with Cheryl and her two gorgeous children, she has been wanting to get some family photos for quite a while now, finally the planets aligned, and I have permission to say this, she is a beautiful, strong independant woman and I respect that. I also loved the simple white dress, it was just perfect for the beach. The kids were fantastic and so well behaved, and hopefully they had some fun, they had a little race along the beach and it was hard to split the two.  I have to pinch myself sometimes, we are so lucky to be able to share our time with such beautiful people, and we hope you love the photos as much as we do.