Life is good!

Thankfully my life has lead me to meet some amazing girls, women, mums, sisters, aunties and it has finally struck me that women are naturally awesome encouragers.

 Jodi is one of these women, she’s positive and encouraging and willing to take a chance on us. We met her incredible family and spent an afternoon at “Alex” known as ‘Sunshine Strip’ on the Sunny Coast. 

Jodi and I relate well, she too with husband Adam run their own business and successfully arrange their lives around the business and their 3 gorgeous children.  She looks fit as a fiddle in her beautiful cream summer dress. (Jodi, you’re a natural!)

Josh, Bridget and Caden, thank you for just being yourselves – your characters shone like bright stars.

Jodi and Adam we hope you can look back on these images with the fondest of memories.


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