Just for Dad

September 5th is definately going to bring this Dad some teary eyes.
Yesterday Darren and I had the privilege of hanging out on the beach with 4 fantastic, very energetic youngsters and their beautiful golden retriever – all under the age of 7, mind you!!!
My plan for the session was to talk gently, encourage regularly and make some new little friends that afternoon.
Well, I am very happy to say we did just that.
They proved to be such gorgeous little models who listened so intently and did their very best smiles for the love of their Dad. You see, this was all for their Daddy, a very special and secret pressie for Fathers Day, so ssshhhhhh…don’t tell him.
Children seem to naturally create beautiful imagery by just being who they are and doing what kids do best, like building sand castles, digging for pippies, walking together holding hands and an impromptu dance of their own – just because they can!
Take a look below at some stunning images of a family with alot of love in their hearts. Click on the icon in the bottom right corner to view full screen.


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  1. Lisa Filkins August 30, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    Hey Danette,
    they are gorgeous photos with some pretty cute models! I am sure dad will love the end result!

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