In The Night Garden

Every once in a while as a portrait photographer we are gifted with meeting extraordinary people, Chris and Denelle are two such people. On Sunday we met Chris, Denelle and their beautiful children Bradley, Talia and little Ella at Tanawha Botanical Gardens on the Sunshine Coast for a family portrait session. What makes Chris and Denelle so special is their enthusiasm and the positive attitude with which they approach their challenging lives, it really is quite inspiring.

Sunday started out with the prospect of rain all day and we contacted Chris and Denelle to suggest we rebook the session for when the weather might be a little kinder. Denelle explained the situation and suggested that if it was at all possible to go ahead could we do it, so we crossed our fingers and hoped for some clearing weather. It is amazing what happens when you believe, the universe has this funny way of telling you when things are meant to be, the rain and clouds started to clear and we even started seeing pockets of sunshine, the portrait session would go ahead as planned.

Meet Talia

 Talia has Autism. She is such a beautiful little girl that is often in her own little world. On Sunday, Talia was in her happy place, in the night garden, and we were able to capture these memories of her and her family in this happy place. Chris and Denelle’s lives are often consumed with keeping up with Talia and the challenges she presents.

For better or for worse, I have had very little experience of families with Autistic children, Sunday’s session has given me enormous respect for Chris and Denelle and all families that deal with the day to day management of this condition.  I have to say that when I reviewed these images, it did bring a little tear to my eye, not out of sadness but sheer happiness that we can make a small difference to people’s lives with the work that we do. It may only be a small contribution, but Chris and Denelle can now look back and be reminded of the joy in their lives and the special gift they have with their children. God bless you both and your beautiful family.


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