I just love doing this sort of portrait work. The world and how we capture it has changed significantly in the last 20 years. The introduction of digital cameras has significantly impacted the lives of a large majority of us. We now have hundreds if not thousands upon thousands of images trapped in our computers and smartphones, but how many do we have printed or hanging up on the wall, sadly the answer is likely to be…not many.
For me there is nothing quite like handling a fine art portrait that has been printed on archival rag cotton paper, the experience is something that you cannot get on a phone or computer. We encourage our clients to get their favourite images printed so they can really enjoy and share them. I heard a comment recently that really hammered it home for me and it was to the effect, that in years to come you and your children will be able to treasure these precious artworks.
Our children grow up so quick, it would be a shame not to have at least one fine art portrait of them that you can really treasure…wouldn’t you agree?