Fathers Day – what does it mean to you Dad?

This post is not about our business, nor does it contain any photos. With Fathers Day fastly approaching it got me thinking about what it really means to me.

7 years 8 months and 23 days ago I was truly blessed with the arrival of my first child… my beautiful daughter Georgie. Wow what a gift, what a life changing moment. If you ask what makes this grown man cry, I just have to think about that day and I tear up. I was lucky enough to be able to work from home for the first 7 months of Georgie’s life and I treasure that time. About 14 months after Georgie entered the world I received another special gift, my precious boy Shelby. I remember quite clearly Shelby was in such a hurry to start his life with us, Danette’s labour was over and done with in an hour.

So when Danette and the kids ask what I want for Fathers Day, I already have what I want, so I usually just say socks and jocks…LOL. Whatever they give me is just a bonus.

This also got me thinking about where I am with my life at the moment, I don’t want to become all deep and meaningful but sometimes I think we just need to take a chill break. As a family man I spend a lot of time working and making sure my family is provided for. Sometimes I get so caught up in that world that I forget what is really important. Sure my kids are grateful for what I provide, but when you look at it honestly is that what they really want.

Looking back on it now growing up for me was not about what I had or didn’t have it was about experiences. My fondest memories as a kid are about the great times we had as a family, our picnics up the creek, our family holidays and going fishing with Dad. Sure I want to provide for my family, I want to provide security, I want to provide the best education for my kids, but most importantly I want to provide the best family experiences because that is what is going to be remembered. Now these family experiences don’t have to be epic adventures, it’s not always about the quality of the experiences, it’s the quantity, that is what is going to enrich my childrens and our lives.

Don’t just think about what I am saying here, in the words of a leading footwear manufacturer….Just Do It.
Am I allowed to say that…

Have a great day. ūüôā


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