A little over two years ago we had an addition to our family in Darcy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, little did we know at the time how much a part of the family he would become.

Pets add another dimension to our families, they have their own personalities that we become so attached to, we fall in love with their good and bad habits, as they give back 100% unconditional love.

Diesel and Poppy are an extension to the Fuller family, and Peter and Fran could not possibly think to do a family portrait session without them. Just to be safe Diesel and Poppy attended a little later with Fran’s dad.

One of our goals for the session was for a family portrait including the dogs, which when you have 2 excited dogs at the beach can be a little harder to achieve than one might think. The stage was set and everyone was in position and we were just waiting on the two dogs.

Poppy was the first to join us and she took her position a little bit too much to the left and then Diesel made a brief appearance beside Poppy, in a bit of a scramble everyone had to do the shuffle to where the dogs had taken their mark and click..click..click, we got the shot.

I love how every portrait session is different to the last, each with its challenges and rewards, and it is such a bonus to live on the Sunshine Coast and have so many wonderful locations to share with our clients.