An Afternoon at the Beach

The morning started with heavy clouds and some local rain and I wondered if we would be doing this session at all, but as unpredictable as the weather can be it fined up to a

New Game, First Game

Georgie decided this year she wanted to try Netball for the first time. I remember as a kid playing a new sport for the first time. You feel a bit nervous, hoping you won't embarrass

A Fresh Start

Almost twelve months since my last post....oh dear:( So I've had a 'little' time off and now it's time to get serious with this stuff. When I say 'this stuff' I say it with enthusiasm,

Keeping it Simple

I look at a lot of portait photography these days and find myself getting lost in the composition. Maybe it's me, maybe I'm just a simple person who likes simple things. Whatever you call it, at this

Mudjimba Beach, time out!

When I reflect back on my life so far I think I can say that I have worked hard and I have been a good person. Then I take a look at the people around me

In The Night Garden

Every once in a while as a portrait photographer we are gifted with meeting extraordinary people, Chris and Denelle are two such people. On Sunday we met Chris, Denelle and their beautiful children Bradley, Talia