An Afternoon at the Beach

//An Afternoon at the Beach

An Afternoon at the Beach

The morning started with heavy clouds and some local rain and I wondered if we would be doing this session at all, but as unpredictable as the weather can be it fined up to a gorgeous day on the beach and mother nature chimed in with some beautiful golden afternoon light and some brilliant clouds sitting out over the ocean.

I like to incorporate the environment in my family portraits as much as possible as I feel that helps convey the story and we are so blessed on the Sunshine Coast with some of the best beaches in the world.

Megan and Matt and their beautiful children graced my viewfinder for the afternoon and were so easy to work with. I honestly don’t think it is possible to take a bad photo of these guys, they look like they have come straight out of a magazine shoot and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to share that time with you.

Our session was cut just a little short when poor Megan was stung by a bluebottle while wading in ankle deep water…Ouch – I have been stung myself on a number of occasions and Megan I felt your pain. Anyway as they say no pain no gain, and as long as you could have a little laugh at the end of the day, all was well and I hope your beautiful images make up for some of that discomfort.


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