A Fresh Start

Almost twelve months since my last post….oh dear:(

So I’ve had a ‘little’ time off and now it’s time to get serious with this stuff. When I say ‘this stuff’ I say it with enthusiasm, not contempt, I do enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings, I guess I sometimes question myself whether someone really needs to hear what I’ve got to say. Worst case scenario I can simply do it for myself. Not a bad thing really, cheaper than therapy..hehe.

With so much social media out there I guess it can be pretty easy to get lost in this cyberspace wonderland. It seems every other month there is a new buzz with a new app or website that is the next ‘facebook’. Has the real art of communication been lost forever, does anyone even talk to each other anymore…obviously I say that in jest as I sit here an communicate with a cyber audience from the comfort of my studio, but I sometimes question the validity or need for such an expansive set of communication tools when God gifted us with the perfect balance….two ears and one mouth.

I think I’m a great listener, perhaps mainly because I find it easier to listen than to speak freely myself. I also like to think that I’m able to communicate through my imagery. Whether it be a wedding day or portrait session I strive to communicate emotion, establish connections with my viewers, and engage their minds with my silent simple stories.

On the weekend, we had the opportunity to catch up with Danette’s family who were visiting the coast from Brisbane, the kids had a great time with their cousins as they braved the cold waters of Kondalilla Falls at Montville. They were staying at the Treehouses of Montville, a gorgeous spot in amongst the rainforest trees. It doesn’t happen all that often that we get together so it was awesome way to spend a lazy Sunday immersed in the sounds of the bush enjoying each others company.

So here’s to a fresh start people, celebrate each day like it’s the dawn of a new adventure, grab hold of the opportunity and don’t let go.





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